Jerry Douglas Lookout For Hope - CD (2002)

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Jerry Douglas uses his periodic solo albums to stretch the stylistic boundaries of steel strings and a slide bar. On his eighth solo recording, Lookout for Hope, begins on a sweetly familiar note with an arrangement of Duane Allman's ever-popular "Little Martha," then ventures toward bluegrass, bebop, and points between and beyond.

On many tracks, drums and even a dash of saxophone enhance the core acoustic string sounds, and low-key vocal cameos from Maura O' Connell and James Taylor. 

Track Listing:

1.  Little Martha

2.  Patrick Meets The Brickbats

3.  Footsteps Fall

4.  Monkey Let The Hogs Out

5.  Lookout For Hope

6.  Cave Bop

7.  Senia's Lament

8.  The Wild Rumpus

9.  The Sinking SHip

10. In The Sweet By And By

11. The Suit