The Great Dobro Sessions - CD (1994) - AUTOGRAPHED

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The Great Dobro Sessions features Jerry Douglas, Mike Auldridge, Curtis Burch, Josh Graves, Rob Ickes, Oswald Kirby, Stacy Phillips, Tut Taylor, Sally Van Meter and Gene Wooten.  Produced by Jerry Douglas and Tut Taylor

Track Listing:

  1. Fireball Mail (with everyeone)
  2. Dobro Chimes (with Oswald Kirby)
  3. Just Joshin' (with Josh Graves)
  4. Poison Love (with Gene Wooten)
  5. Birdland (with Jerry Douglas)
  6. Wave (with Mike Auldridge)
  7. The Last Rose of Autumn (with Stacy Phillips)
  8. Rainbow Bridge (with Curtis Burch)
  9. Great Season Waltz (with Sally Van Meter)
  10. Scrapin' The Barrel (with Rob Ickes)
  11. Little Green Pill #2 (with Tut Taylor)
  12. Daytripper (with Gene Wooten) 
  13. Flatt Lonesome (with Josh Graves)
  14. Abilene Gal (with Jerry Douglas)
  15. McHattie's Waltz (with Rob Ickes)
  16. Ace Spades (with Stacy Phillips)
  17. Suitcase Blues (with Curtis Burch)
  18. Cherokee Shuffle (with Sally Van Meter)
  19. Lonesome Dobro (with Tut Taylor)
  20. Wake Forest (with Mike Auldridge)
  21. The End of the World (wth Oswald Kirby)